Planning the Orchard (Plan B)

Look what I bought!!

1 – 4′ Fuji Apple Tree

1 – 4′ Golden Delicious Apple Tree

1 – 4′ Gala Apple Tree

1 – 3′ Compact Stella Cherry Tree

2 – 4′ American Crabapple Tree

1 – 4′ Persian Mulberry Tree

2 – 4′ Belle of Georgia Peach Tree

2 – 4′ Bartlett Pear Tree

2 – 4′ Burgundy Plum Tree

1 – 3′ American Elderberry

6 – 3 Year Old Natchez Thornless Blackberry Plant

6 – 3′ Brightwell Blueberry Plant

6 – 3 Year Old Indian Summer Red Raspberry Plant

6 – 3 Year Old Concord Seedless Bunch Grape

I have this aerial photo of my property from Vintage Aerial, so I know where the vegetable garden was located in 1985 (on the left side of the photo), and I’ve decided to use that great soil to plant my orchard. We spent a couple hours walking around with measuring tapes and poles and string, planning the orchard, but then when we started digging holes, we changed the plan. Yep. That’s how it goes around here. The apple trees needing to be 30 feet apart threw off my perfect diagram. Let’s go with Plan B.

(Notice the neighbor’s white bird dog at the top of the photo. He roams the neighborhood and I don’t know his name, but apparently, he’s the supervisor of this project.)

All my dormant trees and bushes arrived from Willis Orchard, and the instructions say to get them in the ground within 7 days. In typical homesteading fashion – if anything can go wrong, it will – the next 7-day weather forecast will be freezing or below, so these babies may need to wait 10 days. They will sit on the enclosed back porch until the freeze breaks.

Again, Plan B.

Can’t wait to get them in the ground!

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