The Animal Whisperer: The Bunnies are Here!

I’ve been planning to get rabbits to fertilize my garden, but as busy as we are, there has been no time to plan, and even less time to build a rabbit hutch. I’ve learned after many years of marriage, planning doesn’t work very well around here anyway. I’ve learned just do it now and we’ll figure it out as we go. Jump in with both feet! So, last Saturday, I saw Greenwood Farms had bunnies available and I messaged her to meet up!

I drove an hour away to a small town that only contains a church, a Dollar General, and a post office, and I met a lady in a green minivan behind the post office and handed her cash – like a drug deal – but I didn’t come home with drugs, I came home with four eight-week-old bunnies!

Pippa was excited and a bit confused at the hoppy little things. Her momma instincts wanted to protect them, but she seemed to know they weren’t puppies. She liked watching them, but if they hopped, it startled her and make her jump.

In typical Trace Creek Acres style, this is the moment Farm Hero started on the hutch. The bunnies stayed in a cardboard box for two days while the hutch was being built, but now they have a palace! I have a theory that the more you have to deal with something, the closer it needs to be to the house. Since rabbits need attention at least twice per day, we placed them on the back deck which only gets early morning sun. The rest of the day is shaded. (The back deck is 1000 sq ft, so there’s plenty of room.) Cost-wise, all materials were junk from around the farm except for the wood for the doors, the hardware cloth, and the hinges, for a total of about $160.

Meet the Bun Buns! Pepper, Sugar, Oreo, and Cinnamon.

I’m sure you can easily tell which one is which.

Pepper (male) is a gold-tipped Flemish/NZ cross, and he looks like he’s going to be a big boy when he grows into those ears. You can see the flecks of gold on the tips of his fur. That’s not shine, that’s gold color.

Sugar (female) is a pure New Zealand. She is the perfect Easter Bunny! She likes to climb!

Oreo (female) and Cinnamon (male) are Altex/NZ cross siblings. They are the friendliest and most curious of the bunch. As cute as they are, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were handled more than the others over the last eight weeks.

I swear they’ve already grown a lot this week and they are so soft and so sweet. I’m in love!

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