Greenhouse Adventures!


I’ve wanted this Palram Mythos 6×8 green greenhouse since I can remember. Every time I go on Wayfair, it’s not on sale or sold out. Seriously, it’s been a few years since I fell in love with it. This is the advertised photo. So pretty!

This year, I was anxious to get a greenhouse, any greenhouse, and of course this one was its usual “out of stock,” so I purchased a different one. They delayed shipping three times, which caused me to look elsewhere, as it wasn’t the one I really wanted anyway. I cancelled the order when I found a larger one for less money at a different store. The second purchase also experienced delayed shipping – twice. I’m three months into the wait for a greenhouse at this point and a little more than frustrated. I searched again and found the one I wanted forever was ON SALE and IN STOCK!! Third time’s the charm!

It arrived in a super heavy box in a gazillion pieces with an instruction book that was, I swear, an inch thick! Not as pretty as the initial advertisement, eh? Well, Farm Hero got to work, placing it exactly where I wanted it, and he paid serious attention to the foundation and leveling to make sure it would last a long time. After his second day working on the foundation in 95 degrees and high humidity, I asked him if he was on page two yet. The look he gave me meant he would probably bury my body under the greenhouse and they’d never find me. *Shrug* I thought it was funny.

After the initial leveling, the rest went up pretty easily and I’m in love. Yes, that is a small desk in there. It was not being used, just rotting in the corner of the garage, so I put it to work as a potting table. Problem is, we built the greenhouse around it, so we’ll have to destroy it with a saw to ever get it out. Oh well! I now have planters filled with herb and lettuces sitting outside, but they will move inside once the cold nights come.

I’m excited about the prospect of late crops and even more excited about spring plants arriving a month earlier than normal thanks to the greenhouse. As I master the learning curve of how to use this thing, I’m sure it will be amazing! I love seeing the roof sitting at the edge of my garden.

So happy!

2 thoughts on “Greenhouse Adventures!

  1. Hope your greenhouse is all you want it to be! Mine is not the same brand as yours, but looks very similar. I found that it only made a 1degree increase in temp! Added a heater, and it still held heat poorly and got way too hot on a sunny day. After I put in bubblewrap insulation, that made nearly a 20 degree difference, and also mellows out the temp a bit on sunny days. The most important thing is an automatic vent, unless you are there every day to open and close it.


    • I’m already constantly watching the temps in there. I bought a thermometer I can see from outside. 57 here this morning and still 78 in the greenhouse. Yay! Daytime is still too hot to even think about plants being in there, but I’m struggling with cool evenings and the idea of moving plants back and forth. The bubble wrap idea sounds pretty intriguing!! I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it sooner or later. 🙂


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