Honk Honk Honk

What do you think of geese? Most folks think they are mean and will chase anyone who comes near. Yes, many breeds will do just that, but Sebastopol Geese, Sebbies for short, are more docile. They only get nasty during mating season – March through May. During that time, they will not only chase and bite people, but will actually grab the chickens from the roost and throw them across the coop. They are bold and nasty and protective of their nests during mating season. And, yes, they do have teeth. The rest of the time, they’re big chickens.

Fortunately for me, I only have females, so I’ve thus far avoided the nasty months. My Sebbies are a joy!!!

They arrived a few days old as fuzzy little goslings. Since we got them in 2022 and need a way to remember names because we’re old, we named them t t t names – Trixie Belle, Twinkle, and Tallulah. That’s Pippa on the lookout. She thinks she’s the livestock guardian dog. Don’t tell her she’s not. They ate gosling food with brewers yeast added for the first weeks while they grew quickly.

They moved out to the bird run as soon as the temps grew warmer. They weren’t completely feathered yet, but they loved the extra room – about 5-6 weeks. You can see in the background, the ducks were not impressed. (They were separated for the first week. You can’t see it well, but there is chicken wire between them.) They still ate gosling food, mixed with regular layer feed, and we cut back on the brewers yeast.

In a few short weeks, their size surpassed the ducks, and they were beginning to look like geese. At one point, one of them had drooping wings for a week or two. I think her feathers were growing faster than her muscles and she couldn’t hold them up, so we cut back on the high protein diet, and the problem corrected itself.

If they weren’t pretty enough before, look at these curly feathers coming in. Sebbies are just beautiful birds. They look like brides. They stroll slowly with their heads held high, resembling royalty. This happens for a few feet, then they trip over something and face plant. They’ll keep you laughing, that’s for sure. – about 12 weeks.

And then they discovered the pool. Happy happy happy! Do they look like swans, or what? They don’t like to share the pool with the ducks. Either the geese or the ducks are in the pool and never the two shall share. It’s difficult to tell these three apart, but Twinkle is the smaller of the three and the most friendly, Tallulah has the slightest grey in her tail feathers, and Trixie Belle is the same size as Tallulah, but solid white.

If you’re on the fence about geese, try these blue-eyed Sebbies. They are a joy!

And, though geese are the barnyard alarm system, these don’t really honk honk honk. They more like bah bah bah bah. 😀

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